Resisting Rice (pun un-intended)

Textures always were my favourite.There’s something about the originality and mystery that you can see in textures that makes you wonder how beautiful things can be if you let them take their course.

I keep looking for more ways to create textures, believe me the techniques I have come across are oh so exciting all the time.

Recently I learnt about a new technique my friend, Mrinmayee. She makes textures using rice and it was so interesting I asked her if I can write about it. So here it is, sharing some of her work.

Resist Technique/Rice Printing-

Textured created through resist printing

Textured created through resist printing

Inspired by the resist tie-dye technique used in ikat she has explored a way in which she uses rice to resist color on paper and the results are just brilliant! Its what she calls the ‘resist rice’ method.



Materials used are minimal- water, paper, color and a few rice grains and you are good to go. What you get at the end are mesmerizing all over prints each very different from one another.

The Artist's Desk

The Artist’s Desk

Thanks you so much Mrin for sharing it with me. I will definitely try making some 🙂




Turtle Love

DIY(Do-It-Yourself) has its own charm. My first post in this section has to be about this piece I made. This was a college project but it was more personal than just a college assignment. This lamp was for my study table, after all there has to be something not-so-serious among all the work.

Turtle Love

Turtle Love

How did I go about it-

The base was created by paper-mache technique, layering news paper bits on a balloon until it was thick enough.

Paper mache


The head and legs was made with the same technique.

Then come the tough part, making holes on the shell. Yes! We need the light to pass through, don’t we. I made plenty of holes with a compass and a pen. (Smart!  Isn’t it! )

I used gift wrapping ribbons to decorate the shell. Just twist it and stick it. Simple.


Then the base with a small light bulb with proper wiring and it’s done!! 🙂