PROJECT ALOFT STAR MTV – Finale at Aloft Cessna Business Park

ALOFT Hotel, a quintessence of modern architecture and vibrant ambiance hosted the finale for the aloft star in collaboration with MTV. I got a chance to witness some breath-taking live music performance by budding artists from across India.


The contest has been running for a while and the top 5 finalist got the opportunity of a lifetime to perform live at the venue on 18th of September at Aloft Bengaluru Cessna Business Park. The winner was crowned Project Aloft Star and won US$10,000!


The finalist

Bachpan – Sylvio Olvin – India

Tujhko Dekhe Toh– Divya Venugopal –India

Main Hoon Tera Radio – Rohan negi – India

Veda*-TheBand – India

Inertia Kills – Run Pussy Run- India

The judges for the event were-

Clinton Cerejo the award winning composer, producer and singer. He made an memorable impact on Coke Studio with Sufi Pop.

Aditya Swami the EVP, Viacom18 Media and Business Head of MTV & MTV Indies

Hazel Ooi the Manager, Brand Management Asia-Pacific of Aloft Hotel.

The night went better than I imagined, beautiful ambiance, wonderful artist and to add to it lip-smacking food and drink. Couldn’t have asked for more. 🙂

Here, are some sneak peek from the event.




And The winner!

And The winner!

A evening well spent 🙂



Mobikwik Makes Life Easier- Best Recharging Application

Yes, Mobikwik surely makes our lives easier. From the eyes of a office goer, I always have scheduled day and work is planned accordingly. I need to go to the office and come back and study along with my assignments which I take. All this leaves very less time in my kitty to help my parents in the daily chores.
I used to often feel very bad about this until a friend of mine who uses the Mobikwik Mobile Application, told me about the same. It was that day and since then, it is me who pays the DTH and gas bills. I also get the mobile phones recharged for everyone and everything in 5 minutes and all from my mobile phone.
I simply love the Mobikwik Mobile Application. It is surely a revolution in the Olie recharging Industry.
Mobikwik’s quality & its workability is the way to success. The most common reason why I use MOBIKWIK is the multifunctional mobile application which no other recharging company has.The first and the most important USP is the very faster process and quickest recharge ability. The second reason which makes me use is it’s ability to help us save money with the various offers and discounts that it gives us.
It also has a number of services:
1) All prepaid recharges
2) All postpaid bill payment options.
3) DTH recharge.
4) Data card recharge.
5) Electricity bill payment.
6) Gas bill payment.
7) Landline bill payment.
8) Insurance payment, etc. has really changed the way payments are being made today and I can only say that it is much quicker and convenient now.
Also, the Mobikwik Android application (because I have an android phone) does not take too much space on the phone. I am really surprised (pleasantly) to know how these guys were able to pull off such a nice application which is not even heavy. Some good coder for sure.

Cubel Street – Redefining Elegance in Furniture

The new Dan Brown thriller ‘Inferno’ came out a couple of months back. Although, not an ardent reader myself, I always make it a point to read through the adventures of Robert Langdon. The way Dan Brown brings together facts in history with his style of writing in a contemporary setup just blows me away! I had to read it, so I went to my nearest JustBooks outlet in Koramangala, to get me a copy of the same and engage myself for the weekend. My discovery was not just limited to the huge collection of books they have but a brand that I’m really glad I came across.


Inferno by Dan Brown

There were books stacked up in a bookshelf that looked so contemporary that being an addict of design, I was forced to look beyond what I came looking for. The designer bookshelves by Cubel Street were displayed with a collection of classic novels and I could not resist but enquire about the furniture brand followed by the gleeful moment of collecting my copy of Inferno!

Cubel Street

Cubel Street

The sheer smoothness and exquisiteness, with which the bookshelves were hand-crafted, made me an instant fan of the brand. “I had to get myself one of those”, I thought. With an idea that “Great Design should be available and accessible to everyone”, Cubel Street is probably one of better options if you are looking for contemporary styled furniture and is available for sale on their website here. The beauty about their product – ‘The Issac Cube’ is that it fits in my home almost everywhere, as a bookshelf in my living area, a night stand next to my bed and in times of extreme laziness serves as a seating option when the couch is just too far.

Isaac Cubes

Isaac Cubes

It’s not just the quality and elegance of the products that made me a fan of this rising new-age furniture brand; it’s also the sheer idea and innovation that they put into creating a product, that is an instant seller! Another product called the Heller Light is on my list of things to buy. A simplistic wall-mount that is a bookshelf, which is also a night lamp! It would be a perfect addition in my bedroom for some of my late night readings as it comes with an LED light fitting.

Heller Light

Heller Light

Cubel Street is the new kid in the block and is going to pick up pace very soon! As far as the review for Inferno is concerned, more on that is coming soon. Ah! Before I forget, I also bought a book-end to charm up my small library. This just adds up so much volume in terms of looks of my collection.

Book End By Cubel Street. Absolutely Adorable!

Book End By Cubel Street. Absolutely Adorable!

Until next time, cheers people!

Woopathon by Wooplr at ‘Prost’

Bangalore is home to many a restaurants which are renowned all India for their food and service.
On the 30th of June I had the honor of being a guest for the Woopathon organized by Wooplr at the ‘Prost’. I had a delightful afternoon, full of food, fun and frolic with the top food connoisseurs of Bangalore. My encounter of the day is what this blog is all about.
Located in the heart of the city, ‘Prost’, in Koramangala is a place where you can choose to either spend an evening to unwind or have a good get-together with old friends from college and share the insane nights you’ve spent doing crazy things.
Prost Brewpub in Koramangala

Prost Brewpub in Koramangala



Agratha and me

Agratha and me

Brewmaster Jonas explaining the brewing process

Brewmaster Jonas explaining the brewing process

Prost’s Chef Mr. Nandana

Prost’s Chef Mr. Nandana


  • Grilled zucchini & feta roll
  • Tortellini stuffed with roasted ginger & Pumpkin
  • Prost Prawns (Bacon wraped prawns with wasabi mayo)
  • Chicken rings & rolls
  • BBQ Fish


  • Watermelon & Feta (Layer of chilled watermelon and feta served      with rocket & seeds)
  • Warm Chicken & Pomegranate salad (Marinated chicken with bell      peppers and ginger served with pomegranate dressing)



Main course

  • Beggars Purse (Filo pastry stuffed with vegetable & cheese)
  • Chipotle marinated coated stuffed fish with rice
  • Lamb Shanks (Roasted lamb shanks served with grilled aubergine & Beetroot coolie) tumblr_inline_mpcovrBIsK1qz4rgp


  • Chocolate Eclairs
  • Tart


Thanks Wooplr and Prost for the lovely afternoon and awesome food!

For more details follow the links 🙂!/wooplr



MERLOT by Four Seasons

Four Seasons Wine has earned its place in my favorite’s list since the first time I savored it. It is definitely one of the finest wine that I have had the pleasure of tasting.  This time I tried  MERLOT by Four Seasons and well it was a perfect red wine for a lazy evening. It one went straight to the has-to-be-there collection in my mini bar.


This wine is Ruby red in colour with a hint of garnet. Delicious aromas of ripe black fruits, especially plums are a treat for the olfactory nerves.


Merlot by Four Seasons

Tasting notes:

Colour : Red
Aroma : Complex aroma profile with good amounts of plums among the many ripe black fruits. Delicious.
Palate : Medium bodied with soft tannins and and a pleasant lasting finish.
Serving suggestion : Enjoyed best at 16 -18º C .A fine wine to go with fine cuisine like slow roasted rack of lamb and even roasted vegetables. Medium spiced Indian dishes also pair this wine. Ready to drink now but connoisseurs will realise that this wine will age well over 5 years.

All in all, a wine to relish on a quiet evening appreciating its taste with some good music.

Check out Four Seasons Wines at:

Four Seasons Wines

Few days back I got to savor India’s finest wine – The Four Seasons Wine. Personally I like White Wine so I laid my hands on the rich Four Seasons Chenin Blance, a still white wine.

A rich and tasteful work of art. I could not believe how smooth it was and had no acidity at all! The enticing blend of banana, guava and fresh apple is breathtaking. Then I started my wonderful relationship with the Four Seasons Wines. Though I am a white wine fan  I thought to give the red wine a shot and trust me it didn’t disappoint me. Four Seasons offers a verity of wines. You can find the list here

Four Seasons Wine

I had a little leftover wine and I thought to experiment with it. I found this recipe and tried my hands on it. The outcome was magnificent. So I’ll go forward and share it with you.

Red Wine Jelly

Red Wine Jelly

What you need –
• 4 cups Four Seasons Red Wine
• 6 cups granulated sugar
• 2 3-oz packets liquid pectin

How we do it –
To start with, combine wine and sugar in a medium saucepan. Cook over medium heat and stir occasionally, until sugar is dissolved. Do not boil. Mix in the pectin and stir until combined. Skim off foam, if any, and more wine.

Put it into sterilized jars and refrigerate and let it set. You are good to go! 🙂

Check out Four Seasons Wines at: