Wedding Bells

How do you define a typical Indian Wedding?

Mind-Boggling trays of Sweets, Array of Music, People you might not have met in your lifetime as your Relatives and so on and so forth.  In the middle of it all, are the bride and the bride-groom, jostling in between the over-enthusiastic ladies and the over-responsible and caring uncles. I have seen all this up-close and personal in a number of marriage ceremonies of near and dear ones. Recently, at my best friend’s wedding, we had quite the streak of working non-stop for 4 days and nights! Yes, a couple of hours of sleep here and there were somehow managed but that was about it! It might even get a little flustering at times because of the number of people trying to pinpoint their variants of the rasam – the traditions of Hindu Wedding.

The Indian Baraat – Source –

But probably the best part of the whole marriage is the Baraat! Now, when an India wedding happens, the couple is treated as a prince and a princess and so everything is orchestrated around this philosophy. Baraat is actually a procession signifying that the groom is going for his marriage. Friends and family gather around and dance on this auspicious occasion. And it is a magical spectacle considering there’s this jolt of happiness and enthusiasm that creeps up to you without knowing why! You forget about the back-pain from running around and getting things done, the incurable headache from sleep deprivation and what not! It’s just about pure joy at that very moment.

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To heighten the festivities, all us friends, were served with Black Dog – Triple Gold Reserve. It turned out to be another glorious night for me and my friends to remember. And one that will be a special memory for years to come. With everyone around getting married, I’m sure the next excruciating and extremely fun gathering is just round the corner. 🙂

Disclaimer – The content is meant only for people above the age of 25. All views and mentions here are personal.


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