The Impromptu Plan

I tend to get my friends small tokens of souvenirs from every trip that I go to. Be it a small wrist band from Goa, or maybe a signature silk saree from Mysore, getting gifts for friends after a travel trip sure makes them happy and reminds them how much you mean to them. Recently, my friend was out for a trip abroad and on his return we all gathered up at the airport to receive him. We had our meet and greets and were on the way back to home when he told us to take a detour to the place we go to unwind and relax. It’s a small place near the highway where we, friends, head to after a long drive and loosen up.

At this point, we were a little unsure as to what the plan was but we went ahead with it. Now, to imagine why he would ask us to reach our ‘point’, let me paint a picture of the same using words. Imagine grass fields, a calm pond nearby and sounds of the birds to keep you company. This is certainly a peaceful place to catch up with friends and dwell in conversations.

BD TGR_Easel 3x2-opt2

On reaching the point, he took out from his bag, a bottle of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Scotch whisky. Bold and magnificent, this outstanding blend must be given the reverence and respect it richly deserves. We were truly amazed at the smooth and silky tones created as an after effect. Like a rare masterpiece it revealed its inner beauty, its inner world. It was special day, we celebrated his return and it was beautiful the way we all gathered up in an impromptu plan to our ‘point’!

Disclaimer – The content is meant only for people above the age of 25. All views and mentions here are personal.


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