Travel To Calm Your Mind

Traveling has the potential to teach you things way beyond what classrooms can teach you – Experiences. Not saying, I would let go off my classes to a never ending journey in search for something new, but if given a choice would it really be so bad an idea? I often read tales of people who have given away everything to travel and find in themselves, “inner peace”. How much courage one must fathom inside them to look beyond the ordinary and explore the world, one day, one place at a time.

I like travelling a lot and have been to quite a few places. My all-time favourite holiday destination is Gokarna, a village situated in the western coast of Karnataka. Devoid of extreme chaos of the city, the beaches are the perfect location to unwind and relax. I recall being there thrice in one year, because that place has a way to bringing back every soul who has experienced calm.


With every single trip, I’ve been able to calm myself and look within to find the answers that I’ve been looking for. I’ve done quite a lot of writing during my time of travel and feel that a beautiful bottle of Black Dog Scotch Whisky helps the process. An inspiration of design, luxury and class in itself, the Black Dog variations are quite a source of inspiration in themselves. With my luggage, I always carry a bottle of India’s finest and a glass that is easy to carry. The Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve was my companion on my last visit to Gokarna.


I belief traveling with a good companion is as important as the destination itself. I have found the perfect companion – Black Dog.

Disclaimer – The content is meant only for people above the age of 25. All views and mentions here are personal.


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