Fine food with Black Dog

It was last evening that I thought of this post for the first time. It was then that it hit me, that whenever we’ve had an evening of drinks, we’ve always had the company some fine delicacies, ranging from regular snacks to assorted chocolates. That got me thinking, what goes the best with The Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Scotch Whisky? The result is this post. 🙂

The list of food that pairs up the best with Scotch in my books is as follows,

1. Fish – Pairing up of seafood with Scotch was a recent discovery of surprising nature. Salmon, for me does it the best. But this one time, I had fried prawns with my Black Dog and it did not disappoint, it was on the other hand, better than anything that I’ve every tried before.

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2. Meat – Red meats does its work the best. Lamb chops tastes impeccable all by itself, however, the divine taste was taken to a whole new level when paired up with Black Dog Quintessence. The smoky undertone of the Scotch goes really well with steaks that has a simple flavor. Garlic is not a good mix though.


3. Chocolates – I am a fan of dark chocolate. I’m also a fan of Scotch. This pair I had to try and turns out they are very good companions to each other. Since, dark chocolate have variations, I have realized that the combinations gets better and better with increasing amount of cocoa.

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4. Desserts – The Triple Gold Reserve Black Dog Scotch is quite an important ingredient for many mouth-watering desserts. And the best kind of desserts that goes with Black Dog are those which are chocolate based.

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The next time you decide to have the best Scotch in India, have yourself these delicacies. I’d like to know your response.

Disclaimer – The content is meant only for people above the age of 25. All views and mentions here are personal.


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