TUNi Interiors and the beautiful mind behind it

India is a country of versatility, a place of different languages, religions, cultures and art. Being a textile designer I have always been fascinated by the glorious and rich textile history in this country. There is just so much to know, so much to learn! All I hope sometimes is that, in the ever-evolving world we don’t forget our roots and the brilliant art that exists does not become a thing from the past. The beauty of hand painting is getting lost in the world of digital printing and power looms.

I really respect those entrepreneurs who work not only for their passion and love they have towards something, but for craftsmen who need the support.

TUNi Interiors

TUNi Interiors

I came across this beautiful brand; TUNI Interiors which has such a brilliant work culture that I had to write about it!

Hand Painted Fabrics

Hand Painted Fabrics

TUNi Interiors, yoU aNd I, is a brand aiming to design soft furnishings customized for your space. Founded by Mrinmayee Dhobale, alumnus of NIFT and London College of Fashion, TUNI has a well-networked team of highly skilled craftsmen from Kolkata, Bihar, Orissa and Hyderabad.  The designer plans to work with artists around the nation.

Mrinmayee Dhobale with the artists

Mrinmayee Dhobale with the artists

Mrinmayee Dhobale with the artists

Mrinmayee Dhobale with the artists

The company successfully started with an exhibition in March 2014, and has been growing ever since. The concept of customized designs paired with the hand painted art by the skilled artists makes it even more valuable. The design exclusivity lies in the making of the product itself. The upcoming collection focuses on Patachitra, Madhubani and the Tribal art from East India.  Stay tuned!

Hats off to a concept like this! Wishing all the luck to TUNi Interiors and of course the beautiful mind behind it, Mrinmayee Dhobale.







2 thoughts on “TUNi Interiors and the beautiful mind behind it

  1. Looks like you and I both are admirers of Mrinmayee and others like her! Incidentally, I wanted to tell the world about her so I requested her to write about her TUNI journey on my blog as a guest. I don’t have as many pictures as you have on the post but I think it’s a better style. Anyway, I like your minimal style of writing and probably learn a thing or two from it 🙂

    Here’s the link in case you want to read- https://fromthedeskofabusinesswoman.wordpress.com/guest-tuni-mrinmayee

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