Black Dog – The Flying Fish

Black Dog’s history is more than a century old. The inception of Black Dog was done by Walter Millard in Scotland about 130 years ago. Walter Millard’s father-in-law, James Mackinlay shared his idea of creating the finest Scotch. It was James’ home in 1883 where the recipe of Black Dog Scotch came into existence.

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Walter Millard named the whisky ‘Black Dog’ in honor of his favorite salmon flying fish used in the Spey and Tay rivers of Scotland since the early 19th century and ‘Black Dog’ came into existence. This was influenced from his experience of fishing fly-angling which helped him unwind and relax. Since then Black Dog has been known for its fine taste and the brilliant craftsmanship that goes into creating something so timeless.

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The variety of Black Dog namely, Black Dog Quintessence, Black Dog Reserve, Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, Black Dog Centenary Scotch are all different, perfect and soulful in all true sense.

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