Gadget Free Weekend

First the list of Gadgets that I own – 2 Laptops: Personal and Official, 1 iPad, 1 Smartphone and 1 iPod. As it always used to happen, once you get back home, all you want to check is the latest update on each of the devices and the multiple internet accounts that you are subscribed to.

I wondered sometime on how would I spend time if I be relieved of all the devices for a day. We hatched up a trip to Wayanad during that time and it was mutually decided to drop off all the gadgets other than our phones. Wayanad is close to 350 kms from Bangalore with  a very scenic drive. All that we did was listened to songs for the entire journey. We reached  the same afternoon at our Homestay – Varnam Homestay. The hosts were very generous as they loaded us up with all varieties of Keralean food on us. We gorged over the meals and took a small nap, before wandering off to the nearest plantation.

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The best part of the gadget free getaway was that in the evening, we all gathered around and had a barbeque fire. To top it all, we took out Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve for the occasion. We sang, drank and celebrated the new found freedom from our bored lives with the company of each other. It was like reliving again after a long number of days.


Disclaimer – The content is meant only for people above the age of 25. All views and mentions here are personal.


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