Finest Scotch with Finest People

Few years back, my friend called me up in the evening, saying that I am in your town for the evening. Let’s get together. Now surprise is one thing, shock is another. Shock because he lives in a city 1000 kilometers away without much travel. So it was truly a shock for me.

We met up in a nearby restaurant known for good ambiance. As always, the way it goes with meeting old friends, we started cherishing the good ol’ times. How we used to run away from home on our bicycles to find adventure while our mums would loose their cool, or head to the town for a good movie. Times were much simple then and friends a plenty.

Now, we weren’t teetotallers back in the days. It made us realize, we’ve always been against the idea of drinking because the way it was portrayed to us. Movies showed rowdy people getting their freak on after a couple of drinks down and all the menace that it could create. People always refer to someone in bad taste if they’re a regular at bars. Now, I’m not defending any single person here. What I intend to point out is there’s not just one kind of getting your drink on when it comes to unwinding and relaxing.


My friend never had Black Dog Scotch Whisky and was a little hesitant is trying something new. On my convincing, he decided to give it a go. I got him the new BD Triple Gold Reserve and he couldn’t believe how subtle it was.

This is what India’s finest, the Black Dog Scotch Whisky offers! Good times with people you love and wish to have around you. Times may change but some things remain as good as your favourite drink.

Black Dog Scotch Whisky!

Disclaimer – The content is meant only for people above the age of 25. All views and mentions here are personal.


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