Strike a Balance!

Life is funny and full of challenges. It’s a mixed potpourri of interesting moments.

I remember back in the day, all I wanted to do was play with my dolls and cuddle with my mommy and it seemed that was all there to it. Oh, happy days. Moving forward to my time in college, I had enough time to do what you please and what you want. However, what was missing was the wisdom to achieve it or the low bank balance to support it.

Then, as I look at my life now, there is just enough money and just enough wisdom to support it but the risk of crippling everything that has been achieved so far. There will come a time when I’ll have enough wisdom and money to support your passion but fear, whether I’ll have enough energy to actually implement it.

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Striking a balance among all this is not an easy job. To make sure you have best of all the worlds, you have to give in your 100 %. You can expect to do it all and get everything that you want but you have to invest time into planning and keeping yourself aligned to the goal ahead.

To unwind and relax later in life, this seems like a fair trade. Sit. Plan. Discuss. Plan again. Do what it takes, have a good time and make sure you do it right. Life changing decisions are not taken in a night but if not prepared, life changing moments can sure take place overnight.

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Have a Black Dog Scotch Whisky, the Triple Gold Reserve and see if the subtle taste brings about in you a change that can drive you into being a better, more successful person.

Disclaimer – The content mentioned in the blog is purely personal and meant for people above the age of 25.


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