Tokens of Friendship

What do your friends get you as gift when they return from foreign trips?

In my peer group, it is understood that whenever you get back, you have to bring the best of scotch, champagne or cigar. After a friend came back from China, we got the luxury of having Chinese sweets. I would not like to detail it, but a box of Chinese sweets took a month to finish up. Then a friend got us Absinthe from the Netherlands. The sweet smell of cinnamons and the rich taste was divine.

Chinese Sweets. Source –

Whenever I’m visiting some friends in the distant lands or am out on a business trip, I make it a point to take the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve as a token to the best of my friends and needless to say, they have never been disappointed.


In my previous travel journeys, I’ve taken the Black Dog 21 Year Old Quintessence, and am thus tagged as the ‘Black Dog Connoisseur’ in my peer group. It’s not just about getting those fancy and the most beautiful bottles, it’s also about spending that quality time with the friends who bring them. Just another reason for the good times to roll.

Disclaimer – The content mentioned in the blog is purely personal and meant for people above the age of 25.


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