Raise your glasses Ladies

To have someone in your life who believes in the same ideologies but is open for debate is one of a kind happiness that you can expect for. Lucky for me, my partner is one of them and in true sense of the word, he’s a gentleman and knows how to be around the ladies. We share an identical lifestyle where my decisions are respected and choices reveled on. I’ve heard my fellow ladies complaining about how sometimes their better half do not allow them to wear that special dress, or go out partying with their girlfriends. To them, I’d say, “He’s not worth the trouble”.

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A relationship requires support and respect. Choices you make should be yours and should be respected. I’m glad he’s one of those who understand. I remember him offering me a drink the first time and I got a little uncomfortable. I was not sure if I should take the plunge into the unknown but his comforting voice assured me that whether to have a drink or not is entirely my decision. I took a sip and felt the tart flavors linger in my mouth, then another one and the final one.

I’ve come a long way since then and my current favorite is the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. It is one of those drinks which is love at first sip. I often have a drink or two to unwind and relax. Sometimes, the days are not that kind and it just takes everything out of you.

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We live in an age where men consider us equal. For them who don’t, from them we demand respect and we get it. We demand action against injustice and we get it. We demand our drink and we get it indeed.

Here’s to all the ladies. Pour yourself a glass and celebrate womanhood.

Disclaimer – The content mentioned in the blog is purely personal and meant for people above the age of 25.


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