Let It Go.

Ah! One of those days that I just wish would end. I am extremely tired today. Bad presentation at the office, extremely ridiculous ride on the way home only to be welcomed with power outage at home. Sometimes you just want to get to bed as quickly as possible and wish for this day to end.

Today is one such day and to make sure that I am alive and kicking tomorrow at office, I am using Black Dog as a medicine. It has a way of taking you to your happy place. Let’s you block everything out there and cherish the long and warm with a touch of cream. My partner of choice today is the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. Sometimes you would prefer this in company and sometime you would prefer in solace to find the inner peace with you.



I hope tomorrow turns out to be a much exciting and promising day. Have you all faced any situation in life where you were dead tired at the end of a day? If yes, what do you do so that you are there to face the next day? Do share what you do at the end of a super taxing day, because I won’t take “I sleep till I feel better” as an answer. Raise your hands for glass of the unbeatable if you’re like me.

Have a great day tomorrow everyone, have a Black Dog. Let all your troubles go.

Disclaimer – The content mentioned in the blog is purely personal and meant for people above the age of 25.


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