Interesting Combos with your Fine Scotch

What are some interesting combinations that you have tried lately with your Scotch Whisky? From my personal experience, the fine Black Dog Scotch Whisky, goes really well with black chocolate and surprisingly with Indian spicy items like the Chicken tikka, with a dash of honey and cider.

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I am always interested in finding out the best of combinations, not only limited to drinks and food, but pairing up food with other food and casual trials of blending mocktails in daily culinary habits.

Although, not a smoker, something that I have wished for quite some time is figuring out the right combination of the brilliant Black Dog with a cigar of choice. From a distant memory, I remember trying out a cigar that didn’t work well for me but did for my peers.

In this hunt, I landed up on a site Scotch and Cigars. (Disclaimer: I am not associated with this site and you should use your own judgment in using it.) They encourage their subscribers to try on varieties of scotch and cigar and record their feedback. This feedback is then compiled and published on a quarterly basis to the benefit of all. They do not require you to get anything expensive; instead easily accessible scotch and cigar. If you have turned a fan by now, get yourself enrolled in this website and tell me what goes in best with my class of Black Dog. Comments and Experiences invited from all.

Finding the perfect companion for your fine Scotch is not going to be easy. Finding the right drink is hard enough, I’ve been lucky to have found Black Dog for my apt needs. Going a step further from here would need some assistance.

Have a good day everyone.

Disclaimer – The content mentioned in the blog is purely personal and meant for people above the age of 25.


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