Handle Your Drink

I have a particular disliking for people who cannot handle their drink. Alcohol is for relaxation and it should be taken in the same spirit. Else, it could easily be a nuisance to the society and the consumer in general. Why would someone bother to cause grief?

It has happened a few times that I have been in the company of folks who do not know when to stop. And these have been close friends, not just someone I’ve met at a party. This kind of behavior puts a strain in the relationships. Look back in life and remember a moment when any of your friends crossed the line. Mix that with youth and you would get arrogance, which is quite difficult to manage.

Source - deviantart

Source – deviantart

So the next time you are having a good time, do remember to keep it good. Take care of yourself and people around you.

Over the past one hundred and thirty years Black Dog has established itself beyond doubt as one of the finest Scotch whiskies. And the people behind it do share this feeling of responsibility towards the society.

Source - en.wikipedia.org

Source – en.wikipedia.org


Black Dog has stood the test of time and today it is known for its bold characters and true taste. India’s finest international scotch whiskey! The original blend still holds its ground and generations to come will boast about the sheer genius in its mellow smoothness, the quality that is unbeatable and the consistency of the blend that makes Black Dog, unique in its own way.

Disclaimer – The content mentioned in the blog is purely personal and meant for people above the age of 25.


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