Know Your Drink

Knowing the way your drink is made is as important as knowing where the drink comes, in my honest opinion. I am a bit of a researcher when it comes to finding out the origins of my drink and food and the way it is made. I revisited the way a premium scotch is created. The word ‘creation’ is an understatement; it’s nurturing.

The nurturing of the Black Dog Scotch Whisky is done under extreme care to make the velvety smooth taste that people know it for.

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Would you know the ingredients of a 21 year aged Black Dog that makes it the finest? Its intense amber gold colour is a precursor. One whiff and you feel yourself transported in time. Soft peaches and ripe citrus fruits coupled with pear, marzipan and bergamot begin this flirtatious fanfare. The aged malt whiskies from the Speyside valley make their own inimitable contribution by adding that distinctive charm and finesse.

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In order to really revel the taste of this premium scotch, The Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, you would have to hold it on your tongue for at least 21 seconds. It then brings out the intense flavours of Seville oranges, ripe sweet mangoes and ginger spice. Lastly, you get whispers of bitter chocolate, liquorices and crushed almonds drift lovingly on.


Remember next time when you are sitting to have a sip of the world’s finest, the trials and tribulations which goes in to make it the best.

Disclaimer – The content mentioned in the blog is purely personal and meant for people above the age of 25.


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