Cubel Street – Redefining Elegance in Furniture

The new Dan Brown thriller ‘Inferno’ came out a couple of months back. Although, not an ardent reader myself, I always make it a point to read through the adventures of Robert Langdon. The way Dan Brown brings together facts in history with his style of writing in a contemporary setup just blows me away! I had to read it, so I went to my nearest JustBooks outlet in Koramangala, to get me a copy of the same and engage myself for the weekend. My discovery was not just limited to the huge collection of books they have but a brand that I’m really glad I came across.


Inferno by Dan Brown

There were books stacked up in a bookshelf that looked so contemporary that being an addict of design, I was forced to look beyond what I came looking for. The designer bookshelves by Cubel Street were displayed with a collection of classic novels and I could not resist but enquire about the furniture brand followed by the gleeful moment of collecting my copy of Inferno!

Cubel Street

Cubel Street

The sheer smoothness and exquisiteness, with which the bookshelves were hand-crafted, made me an instant fan of the brand. “I had to get myself one of those”, I thought. With an idea that “Great Design should be available and accessible to everyone”, Cubel Street is probably one of better options if you are looking for contemporary styled furniture and is available for sale on their website here. The beauty about their product – ‘The Issac Cube’ is that it fits in my home almost everywhere, as a bookshelf in my living area, a night stand next to my bed and in times of extreme laziness serves as a seating option when the couch is just too far.

Isaac Cubes

Isaac Cubes

It’s not just the quality and elegance of the products that made me a fan of this rising new-age furniture brand; it’s also the sheer idea and innovation that they put into creating a product, that is an instant seller! Another product called the Heller Light is on my list of things to buy. A simplistic wall-mount that is a bookshelf, which is also a night lamp! It would be a perfect addition in my bedroom for some of my late night readings as it comes with an LED light fitting.

Heller Light

Heller Light

Cubel Street is the new kid in the block and is going to pick up pace very soon! As far as the review for Inferno is concerned, more on that is coming soon. Ah! Before I forget, I also bought a book-end to charm up my small library. This just adds up so much volume in terms of looks of my collection.

Book End By Cubel Street. Absolutely Adorable!

Book End By Cubel Street. Absolutely Adorable!

Until next time, cheers people!


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