Delicious Swiss Chocolates

“Chocolate is the first luxury. It has so many things wrapped up in it: Deliciousness in the moment, childhood memories, and that grin-inducing feeling of getting a reward for being good” – Mariska Hargita

Word for word, everything about this comment is true! Chocolates are irresistibly good! I was waiting for my connecting flight at Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport and wanted to grab a bite. Also, if you’ve been waiting for over a couple of hours at an airport, you tend to roam around and explore, after all, after sometime it gets a little mundane.

I was travelling abroad for a work assignment and have just said goodbyes to the family. And yes, it got a little emotional outside the Departure. The pain of goodbyes, last moments are blended with the anticipation and excitement of the journey ahead. Right then, I happened to walk by the Delhi Duty Free Store, and spotted my mood-lift-ups, chocolates! I couldn’t have asked for a better timing on this. It was for me killing two birds with a stone, indulging in the guilty pleasures of some brilliant cocoa and saving money while at it. How? Delhi Duty Free is a shopping destination where people can buy a range of products including Fashion Accessories, Confectioneries, Liquor and Electronics if they are travelling through Terminal 3 at IGI Airport and holding a valid international flight boarding card and passport. The duty free shops are retail outlets or stores that are excused from certain taxes, which makes the goods a little light on the pocket. What more, well, at the DDFS, you can sample a product that’s not yet sold on the open market. You can find more about Delhi Duty Free Store, here.

Arrival Shop - Perfumes Area

Central Promo Area

There I was, mesmerized with the fine collections of world-class products and some of my favourite Swiss chocolates. Delhi Duty Free Store offers a lot of attractive deals and offers on their range of luxury products which are hard to turn a blind eye to. I bought a couple of bags full of the best Swiss chocolates, Guylian and Lindt at a surprisingly great price! You can’t get enough of anything DDFS has to offer.

Chocolate area at Departure main shop

Delhi Duty Free Store

I could hardly resist myself and finished off the whole lot throughout the course of my journey. The way the chocolates melts in your mouth has a way of taking you to that special place where everything seems just right! The Cocoa butter in the fine Swiss Chocolate is the main culprit for its divine taste. The Swiss chocolatiers are purists and do no compromise on their quality and that is why, on my way back, I got myself another lot for friends and family. The comforting feeling that I was finally back home, where I belonged was shared with my family and friends and yes, they loved the gift of the finest cocoa in the world that I brought along.

Till next time, Cheers!


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