MERLOT by Four Seasons

Four Seasons Wine has earned its place in my favorite’s list since the first time I savored it. It is definitely one of the finest wine that I have had the pleasure of tasting.  This time I tried  MERLOT by Four Seasons and well it was a perfect red wine for a lazy evening. It one went straight to the has-to-be-there collection in my mini bar.


This wine is Ruby red in colour with a hint of garnet. Delicious aromas of ripe black fruits, especially plums are a treat for the olfactory nerves.


Merlot by Four Seasons

Tasting notes:

Colour : Red
Aroma : Complex aroma profile with good amounts of plums among the many ripe black fruits. Delicious.
Palate : Medium bodied with soft tannins and and a pleasant lasting finish.
Serving suggestion : Enjoyed best at 16 -18º C .A fine wine to go with fine cuisine like slow roasted rack of lamb and even roasted vegetables. Medium spiced Indian dishes also pair this wine. Ready to drink now but connoisseurs will realise that this wine will age well over 5 years.

All in all, a wine to relish on a quiet evening appreciating its taste with some good music.

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Turtle Love

DIY(Do-It-Yourself) has its own charm. My first post in this section has to be about this piece I made. This was a college project but it was more personal than just a college assignment. This lamp was for my study table, after all there has to be something not-so-serious among all the work.

Turtle Love

Turtle Love

How did I go about it-

The base was created by paper-mache technique, layering news paper bits on a balloon until it was thick enough.

Paper mache


The head and legs was made with the same technique.

Then come the tough part, making holes on the shell. Yes! We need the light to pass through, don’t we. I made plenty of holes with a compass and a pen. (Smart!  Isn’t it! )

I used gift wrapping ribbons to decorate the shell. Just twist it and stick it. Simple.


Then the base with a small light bulb with proper wiring and it’s done!! 🙂