Sunday Brunch

Sigh! Good food! Its a rush when you order something new from the menu and then wonder, how good will it be, if at all, it’ll be worth the excitement.

I keep contemplating the amalgamation of the recipe as mentioned in the description section of the menu. Imaging in the back of my mind, the probable outcome how ingredients combine to deliver a sweet, salty, dreamy or heavenly treat to my taste buds. My brain just won’t stop!



Then, there are those places which never disappoint!. I am a fan this place called ‘Truffles (Ice & Spice)’ in Kormangala, Bangalore. Bangalore residents would recognize this place as everyone who’s once been here would assert on the same.

I have tried almost everything from the menu and I love them all. My personal favorites are Ceasar Salad, Spicy Chicken wings and of coarse the Ferrero Rocher Cold Coffee.

I was lucky to get a table there last Sunday afternoon, as it’s flooded over the weekends. As a result the service is pretty lame during crunch hours. Also, if you want to catch up with friends, it is advisable not to come over during the weekend. The noise and the hustle-bustle might ruin up a good meal/meet.

I ordered, the Grilled Chicken in Mint and Rosemary Sauce and its was really good. The taste of Rosemary dominated the plate but I liked that! On the side, mashed potatoes, steamed rice, bread and steamed vegetable complimented the chicken. It was filling. A 10/10 from my side to Ice & Spice for the food and maybe a 10/10 for ambiance and service on weekdays when it’s moderately empty.

Grilled Chicken in Mint and Rosemary Sauce

Grilled Chicken in Mint and Rosemary Sauce

Make sure you give it a try and the next time you’re there. There’s another Ice & Spice at the MG Road, here.


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