The Nine Yard Love Affair

“We have no options but to grow up.” – I realised this a few months back when I was wished more number of times on the Women’s Day rather than personally preferred Children’s Day. However this feeling was short-lived as I looked into the perks of being a ‘Lady’. One of them was, owning my first traditional Indian Saree.
Saree has made it big in international fashion too. The ‘pussycat dolls’ have been spotted in sarees by Rocky S.

“Annual Fashion Rocks concert in New York, with designer Rocky S walking the ramp along with Jessica, Ashley, Nicole, Kimberly and Melody – the Pussycat Dolls – dressed in sarees.” TOI

My love for Sarees goes long back, I have been drooling on this piece of clothing since I was a kid and saw my mother draped into one of the most beautiful attire a female form can don. The elegance and appeal makes it a must have for every women’s closet!

When I got the chance to pick one for myself, the choice was a pretty obvious Red Saree. Trust me when I say this, a red saree is some love affair many have fallen ill too, men and women. An Indian woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without it, and why shouldn’t it be, it just looks so good!

Golden Border with Embroidered back

Golden Border with Embroidered back

My choice was this beautiful Chiffon Saree, the fabric that gives the softest drapes you can imagine! All in red & gold and paired with a golden blouse, this artifact is definitely my coming of age moment!

I found this on-


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