An Inconvenient Truth – An Inconvenient Blog Post

This is a little different from my regular posts about food, restaurants but I guess, it was my responsibility to bring this up. How many of us have seen the presentation by Al Gore on ‘Global Warming’??
I know for one thing that I have and I would like to take the opportunity of thanking him for his meticulous efforts. I also urge everybody who’s a member of this ‘conscious’ community (we like calling ‘earth-conscious’) to take some time out of their busy schedule and watch the presentation named, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.

It’ll take hardly a couple of mins and some bandwidth of your internet service πŸ™‚

The officail site to this global concerned issue is
It won’t hurt you to watch it, it’ll clear most of your doubts about global warming and its after effects, those that concern us and most parts of the world. We are at the brink of our downfall and if we don’t stop this space ship we call earth won’t give us the free ride its been giving for long. There’s no such thing as free lunch and we must realize that as soon as possible before the time bomb explodes.

Adious and Happy Living – Hoping that the days don’t get hotter!



Wiki defines Lasagna (or lasagne) as a classic Italian pasta casserole dish which consists of alternate layers of pasta, cheese, a sauce, and often other ingredients. What it doesn’t tell you is the divinity you feel when these little ‘chunks’ of heaven smother your tongue with the delightful taste that feel straight from the plates of the Almighty.
You’d join the coherence only after an encounter atΒ The Only Place. That combined with an awesome Whopper Burger made my new year a ‘happy’ one the last time.

The best thing is the unexpected-ness that gets you when you’d try it for the first time. A must-visit while in Bangalore. With this, a search for the perfect ‘lasagne’ sure does end if you ask me. You don’t agree – pay it a visit. If you do – then go again and share the happiness. If you’re a diplomat – Well, you are already making plans for the weekend.

Share the joy – not the plate πŸ˜‰