Welcome Hotel @ Borivali, Mumbai

Well, we set foot on the Dadar platform after 1 day of train travel. And it took us another two hours to get to Borivali screeching through the Mumbai Traffic. 🙂

After the check-in we were very hungry, mildly speaking. It was already 10:45 PM. At that point, we took a clue as to what was the best eating joint nearby. The guy gave us the name of “Welcome Hotel” 1 km from the point. We took an auto to get there. We encountered many other eating joints on the way to Welcome which were definitely larger but we sped through.

Welcome is a small hotel with a clean look. You would take it for a bar probably from a distant. WE ordered everything simple – Mix Veg, Dal Fry and few Tandoori Rotis. The service was extremely quick on a rather busy Friday Evening. And the food lived up to the expectation. It was simple and delicious; really the thing which two travelers will long for after a day of eating junk. The dinner ended in 10 minutes and with our bloated stomachs, we paid a minuscule 170 bucks for a feast.

I would suggest it to everyone living near Boriwali who is on the lookout of something simple over a weekend. Pretty Cheap and good and Hygienic Food.

Route/Location – Google Map Link